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Our Activity
Our core activity is to train people want to do skydiving. We offer two jumps course which is at RM 750.00*,
For your subsequent jumps, it will cost you between RM 150.00 - RM 200.00 per jump*, depending on the height.
It is a two day course. Day one will be the ground training which is held in Kuala Lumpur. Class normally starts at 9.30 am ends at about 5.00 in the evening. The jumps will be done on the next day at Bidor Golf Club, Perak. It about 1 and half hour drive north to Kuala Lumpur. To conduct a class, we need a minimum of 5 students a maximum of 20 students.

The syllabus is approved by the Department of Civil Aviation. The course covers all subjects necessary to successfully complete your first jump. Our ultimate aim is to give you a sound background and knowledge level to allow you to continue and complete the full training program and become a thoroughly qualified sports parachutist.
You will be taught by our best instructors. The instructors are all qualified and certified by the Department of Civil Aviation Malaysia, who is the governing body for the sport. Each of them have accumulated more than a thousand jumps.

The subjects are:
Introduction to parachuting.
The equipment and its related function.
Parachute deployment sequence and theory of flight.
The flight drill or parachute familiarisation after deployment.
The flying pattern.
Parachute Emergencies.
Aircraft Emergencies.
Stable (arch) position.
Parachute Landing Fall (PLF)

* Subject to the aircraft type.

After you have done the statics jumps and you want to proceed to free fall, we provide a progressive free fall course . The course consist of two free fall jumps. The pre-equisite for this course is, one should have completed the static jumps and are cleared for free fall by authorised jumpmasters.

For those who have the experience in the sport, you are welcome to join us when we jump. Skydiving in Malaysia may not be as exciting as in your country but we guarantee you a different. If you do not have any equipment with you, You can rent it from us. Your jumps are charged according to the height you want to jump. The minimum charge is around RM 150.00 from the height of 4500 feet.
We also provide the photograph services upon request. We have several aerial photographers that are willing to take your photos.

If you are interested and feeling up to the challenge, check out our schedule and register via email or during registration.